This site constitutes the data dissemination portal of the COrinth Rift Soft Soil Array (CORSSA) database. CORSSA is an array of accelerographs, which includes both downhole and surface instruments, located close to the port of the town of Aighio in the southern coast of the Gulf of Corinth.

All strong motion records that have been recorded by the CORSSA array since its establishment, are available for visualization and/or downloading (in sac, little-endian, or ascii format) through the "Database search" page. Information relative to the stations and metadata (VS profiles, borehole data, dynamic properties of the soil etc) are also distributed (in ascii format, wherever possible) through the "Database search - Stations" page.


Although data have been reviewed by highly specialized staff, their correctness is to be appreciated by the end user.


If using data from this site in a publication, please use "the CORSSA web portal at" as a reference.